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Tachyon Wheel

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The Tachyon combines our proven dual pour construction process with our U-Base3™ formula and just the right combination of our Tech-X™ additives. The result brings you a high end wheel without the full high end price tag. Ideal for youth and adult skaters under 190lbs.  

Tech Specs:

- Dual Pour Construction

- Features Konixx U-Base 3™ formula

- Performance boosted with Konixx Trac-Tech™, Infini-Tech™, & Veloci-Tech™ additives

- Offered in +0 stiffness

- Available in 59*, 68, 72, 76, and 80mm

Surface Recommendations:

The Tachyon is ideal for all tile surfaces, however note that surfaces with large perforations, such as DEK tile or others like it offer less surface area for the wheel to hold onto and may not offer the same results as other tiles surfaces. 

*59mm Tachyon wheels are designed for lighter weight players, not goalies. Goalies click HERE to view the Konixx Nucleus goalie wheel.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best wheels I’ve owned. Period.

    Bought these on Black Friday, but I hoarded them until my old wheels wore down, which were “high quality “ indoor wheels. I used to slip and fall a lot when I had to stop hard, and constant balance checks on high speed turns. All of this I attributed to my skating skills. I finally changed to the Tachyon wheels and I noticed the difference on my first turn at warm ups. Much more grip than I was used to, I could get real low on turns. During the game I didn’t fall when I usually would, and the fact I could make tight turns was throwing me off initially. Eventually got used to it, and then I felt like an NHLer. Too bad these can’t help my hands. Lol.

    Long story short, these are my wheels for life.

    5’9”, 175 lbs, above average skill level

    Great Wheel

    Great wheel at a great price. I'm 190 lbs and the wheels have held up with great durability so far; hold great while cornering and still allow great stop speed.

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