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Nucleus Goalie Wheel

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Goalies have long sought after a wheel that allows them to play the position the way THEY want to play it.  The Nucleus has our special formulation that provides just the right amount of Grip-slide balance, along with durability unseen in any goalie wheel to date.

Tech Specs:

- Single Pour, hub-less

- U-base 2™ formula

-Tract-tech™, Infini-tech™ & Multi-thane 2X™ additives

-Provides excellent grip and wear

-Offered in +0 stiffness, optimum for all goalies

- Available in 59mm only

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Clark
Best. Goalie. Wheel. Ever.

Before picking up these wheels I was a loyal Labeda Patriot user for 7 years. In that time I liked those wheels but knew at the end of each season I'd have to replace them due to cracking. When our college team got a chance to pick up these wheels I figured why not? The price was low and at worse I can just go back to my old wheels...... 3 years later I'm still on that first set of wheels and they still feel amazing. I have never had a more consistent, durable, grippy set of wheels.

Jack Lyon
Worth Every Penny.

Love em to death the stopping is amazing. This wheel is the way to go.

Best goalie wheel I've used

Been using inline goalie wheel/skates for over a decade all the way through the collegiate level. During this time I can remember using the Mission wheels, Labeda Patriots, and Rink Rat Crossbars. The Konixx Nucleus stands above all of those in terms of both durability and performing the movements necessary of a goalie. I have used them multiple times a week for a full year now and do not see these wearing out anytime in the near future.

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