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About Us

Konixx Roller Hockey Wheels



When we set out to create Konixx we had two goals: to make the absolute best roller hockey wheel possible–and then to get it on customers’ skates for the lowest price possible.  See, at Konixx, we aren’t suits sitting in a cubicle somewhere trying to squeeze the most profit out of our customers.  At Konixx, we are our customers: never-say-die competitors for whom “chasing the dream” will always involve skates and a puck.  In a sense, our brand began with a shot of indignation–at having to pay up to $115 for a good set of wheels—and an athlete’s first instinct: we can do it better.  We vowed that we wouldn’t stop working until we could bring home the best high performance wheels on the market for under a hundred bucks.  The result: Pure perfection.  And that dyed-in-the-DNA drive to out-smart, out-perform, out-everything the other guy became our mission statement—the attitude behind our modus operandi.  At Konixx, hundreds of hours of R & D inform what goes into our products—and a lifetime working in the industry informs what stays out: the middleman.  Like our fellow roller hockey players, we like the brick and mortar experience to see how certain things fit and feel.  Konixx sticks to the stuff you can commit to with a few clicks: wheels, bearings, tools and the like.  And because we know you want to be lacing up and ready to play, like, 10 minutes ago, we include USPS Priority shipping on all our orders within the 48 Continental U.S. states and we ship out all orders Monday through Friday, same day if placed before noon Pacific Time (sorry, after that we’re probably wheelin’ on a rink somewhere.)  Our commitment is to the sport of roller hockey and the people who play it; whether your game is pick-up in the park or pro, Konnix brings unparalleled performance and price.  The victory part?  Yeah, that’s still on you.



Pure (pyo͝or/)


  • not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.
  • without any extraneous and unnecessary elements.
  • free of any contamination.


When we set out to construct our high-end wheel, we knew exactly what we wanted: the best speed, the best grip, the best wear and the best price. All of it. Not some. See, after decades in the business, we knew the other brands had already cornered the market on wheels offering some of the essentials. We refused to compromise. Our mantra? Let the other guys do “pretty good.” We wanted perfection. And so we got to work. We tested and tested and tested some more. We tweaked and adjusted and corrected. We put our wheels under players of all sizes on every single surface we could come up with. (Note to mom: you were right–roller hockey was not meant to be played on the living room carpet.) After months of trial and error, we found that one magic little sphere of urethane that our testers loved every single time. Finally… eureka!  With great excitement we contacted our factory and said, “This is it; don’t change a thing.” Which is why you will notice our Pure wheels don’t include any snazzy colors or slick graphics—just the fogging in the outer layer that is proof of color-free, natural urethane. Not because we are trying to cut costs. Or because we are purity nuts. But we are performance nuts. So if it doesn’t make you a better player, we ain’t putting it in. That’s our no-compromise promise to ourselves. And this is Pure’s no-compromise promise to you: nothing but performance. It may not be pretty, but it’s guaranteed to make your opponent sweat, and that, fellow roller dads, is truly a beautiful thing.

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