Warranty Information

Konixx Warranty Policy


Although all products wear out from standard use over time, Konixx stands behind all their products against manufacturer’s defects, regardless of time.  If you believe you have encountered a true manufacturer’s defect, please contact us via email support@konixx.com with detailed photos of the product in question, along with your proof of purchase and/or order # if purchased through Konixx.com.  All claims will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Konixx will determine if the product’s issue is a result of a manufacturer’s defect or normal wear and tear.  Konixx may request the customer to send back all product(s) in question for detailed analysis.  All claims or questions on warranty issues will be addressed and replied to, within 4 business days.  If the product’s issue in question is determined to be a manufacturer’s defect, Konixx will replace that product at no charge.