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Spitfire Wheel - ideal for coated/painted concrete or wood surfaces

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The Spitfire is an excellent entry level, multi-surface wheel for the skater who is looking to find that balance between too hard and too soft. With our high rebound urethane formula and our proven five-star urethane hub, the Spitfire does it all without killing your wallet.

Tech Specs:

- Single pour construction

- Built on the Konixx 5-Star™ hub

- U-Base 1 formula w/Multi-thane™ & Fast-thane™ additives

- Available in 78a stiffness; ideal for most youth and adult body weights.

- Ideal for coated/painted concrete or wood surfaces

- Offered in 59mm - 64mm - 68mm - 72mm -76mm - 80mm 

Customer Reviews

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Martin Dorr
Spitfire backfired

I skate for close to 30 years now, am almost 70 and jam skate as exercise twice a week for 2+ hours. I needed new skates and got a recommendation to try Konixx, checked out my options and picked Spitfires as I am skating almost always on painted concrete floors.
Well, they feel like skating through sand - slow is an understatement. I immediately suspected the bearings that came with the new skates, but switching wheels to older Rinkrat Identities took the sand away. Obviously I ordered the wrong wheels, but the Konixx advice on what to pick seems way off the mark. If you do not want to compromise on speed I recommend staying away from Spitfires no matter what surfaces you skate on. They are sticky and may be durable, but effortless speed is crucial for any agile skating maneuvers - jamming or hockey!

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