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Pure-X Wheel

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We took everything players loved about the Pure and made them better. The Pure-X and it's U-base4™ formula takes the unparalleled grip Pure users have come to trust and made it grippier. With a stiffer feel and a longer optimum performance period, the Pure-X is everything you'd expect the next generation of the Konixx Pure to be!

Tech Specs:

  • Dual pour construction
  • Features Konixx U-Base 4™ formula
  • Performance boosted with Konixx Trac-tech-X™, Infini-tech-X™, & Veloci-tech-X™ additives for extreme traction, durability, and speed
  • Offered in: +0, +1, and +2 stiffnesses. Click HERE for help figuring out which + rating is right for you.
  • Available in 76mm and 80mm only 

Surface Recommendations:

The Pure-X is ideal for all tile surfaces, however note that surfaces with large perforations, such as DEK tile or others like it offer less surface area for the wheel to hold onto and may not offer the same results as other tiles surfaces. 



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Read a bunch or reviews on how great these wheels are so I was really excited to give them a shot. Went with +2 after seeing reviews from 200+ lb players (I’m 205), skated on them once for about 45 minutes and I felt like it was my first time on skates, they were waaay too hard for me.

    I took them off as soon as I got home and now they’re sitting in a ziplock bag until I can figure out what to do with them, ha.

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on the +0’s but really don’t want to spend the money until I move the set that I have..


    Good price vs performance

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