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Helo 6mm Square Head Axle Upgrade Kit with Bolt Glue

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Using the Helo 6mm Square Head Axle Upgrade Kit w/ Bolt Glue means you won't have to deal with stripped out or never staying tight axles again.

  • Recommended use with Helo Mult-Y Tool 2.0
  • Works with any standard 4mm Allen Wrench bit/driver
  • Fits most brands and models using square head 6mm axles
  • Interior fastening system for added strength and reduced loosening
  • Nickel plated steel for strength and durability
  • Pre-treated with Helo Bolt Glue on screw threads
  • Package includes: 8 axles two piece axles that have been pre-coated with Helo Blot Glue, and a 5ml bottle of Bolt Glue for future use.

Please note that with some skate / chassis models the axle with the square end may be a tight fit initially upon installation. Hand tighten fully with a bit of torque to get the square end to pull into the chassis. After having done this a few times, the square head should go in and come out without much effort.

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