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Comet Wheel

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The Comet will have you blazing across the rink without breaking the bank.

Tech Specs:

- Single pour construction

- Built on the Konixx 5-Star™ hub for 76 and 80mm, TM6™ hub for 59, 68, and 72mm

- Features our newest U-Base 5 formula, along with our Glue-thane 2X™ & Fast-thane 2X™ additives for advanced grip and speed.

- Available in +0 stiffness; ideal for most youth and adult body weights. Recommended for tile or other non-abrasive surfaces.

- Offered in 59mm - 68mm - 72mm -76mm - 80mm 

Surface Recommendations:

The Comet is ideal for all tile surfaces, however note that surfaces with large perforations such as DEK tile or others like it offer less surface area for the wheel to hold onto and may not offer the same results as other tile surfaces.


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Good wheels for the price

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