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Triton Wheel - For Abrasive/Outdoor Surfaces

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Due to high demand we are currently sold through on some sizes of Triton wheels. Click HERE to view our Dealer Directory and check one of our authorized Konixx/Helo Internet Dealers for available stock in those sizes. 


The Triton is a great entry level, outdoor wheel for the budget conscience roller hockey player or abrasive surface skater With a high rebound urethane formula and our prove five-star urethane hub, the Triton is a great outdoor performance wheel at a very reasonable price.

Tech Specs:

- Single pour construction

- Built on the Konixx 5-Star™ hub

- U-base 1 formula w/Dura-thane™ & Fast-thane™ additives

- Available in +0 stiffness; ideal for most youth and adult body weights. Recommended for abrasive surfaces.

- Offered in 59mm - 64mm - 68mm - 72mm -76mm - 80mm