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e-Flux Wheel - for coated/painted concrete or wood surfaces

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The e-Flux stands for "everything" and that's because it's your "no compromise" wheel for smooth non-tile rink surfaces. If you play on; smooth or painted concrete, roll on, or wood floors, you no longer have choose between grip versus durability versus speed.

Tech Specs:

- Single pour construction

- Built on the Konixx 5-Star™ hub

- U-Base 2 formula w/Multi-thane 2X™ & Fast-thane 2X™ additives

- Available in +0 stiffness; ideal for most youth and adult body weights. Recommended for tile or other non-abrasive surfaces.

- Offered in 59mm - 64mm - 68mm - 72mm -76mm - 80mm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Soul Skater
Best Multi-Surface Wheels Ever Used

I love to skate outside and get the wheels turning on a variety of different surfaces, whether it be choppy asphalt, smooth concrete, or even an outdoor roller rink. Despite all of this, these wheels have held up amazingly well!

I even use these wheels to ref roller hockey and they are the best ref wheels on the market. The combination of hardness and durability allows me to stride up the rink with minimum effort.

Not to mention I like the fact that these are roughly the same color as most sport court, so it makes it look like I'm floating out there!

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a durable multi-surface wheel

James Rasz
E-flux wheels

I'm skating on painted concrete. Excellent grip, but can still break them loose to stop. Very responsive on take-offs. Minimal wear. Huge improvement over my Labeda asphalts. Well balanced. Great job Konixx!

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