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Helo is now part of Konixx!

Posted by Nick Boyarsky on

Konixx Hockey is proud to announce the addition of Helo bearings and accessories to the Konixx Family, and with that the launch of the New Helo Quark™ Bearings.

Helo™, a sister brand to Konixx™, has been bringing their quaintly products to retailers across the globe for over a decade. With the success of our ever growing line up of Konixx wheels and accessories, we felt it was only fitting to bring the Helo line into the Konixx family of products so we could truly offer the best of everything that helps you roll.

The addition of Helo to the Konixx line up starts right off with the official release of the Helo QUARK™ bearing! Like all our Konixx products you've come to know and trust, the Helo Quark was put through a rigorous and exacting development process, using some of the top players in the sport of roller hockey as our guides in making the best bearing the sport has seen. Our goal; to not just bring to market "another bearing", but to make something truly special. A bearing that would be worthy of asking someone to drop their hard earned money on. One that was noticeably better than the rest.

With so many bearings available, it's hard to know what makes one better than the next? What's an ABEC rating and does it make my bearings faster? Are Swiss better than ABEC 9's?  The common consensus in the sport has always been "if you want the best bearing, you're looking for some sort of a Swiss", but why is one Swiss bearing $35 and another $100? Is one better than another? What makes is it better? At Helo, we set out to not just make another Swiss, but instead to offer something BEYOND SWISS!

But we get it, it's all very confusing so we're going to make the choice for bearings as simple as we can; you no longer need to ask these questions, or try to navigate through ratings and versions of Swiss bearings, just throw on a set of Helo Quark's and know you're skating the best bearing in the game!

Here's a bit of actual tech information to back that last statement up:

In designing the Quark, we started with the internal race, or "the pathway for the balls to do their magic and give you the least resistance and the quickest start up speed". The depth of the raceway in the Quark goes beyond what a multipurpose bearing offers. This was the starting point to what makes the Quark lightning fast!

Next was the bearing cage. The majority of bearings have cages built using stamped steel which is susceptible to heat as the bearings starts spinning faster and friction comes into play . That heat changes the shape and in turn the seating of ball losing energy transfer which for you means a slower bearing spin. The Quark bearing cage features a molded, nylon/glass reinforced cage which allows for the highest precision spin possible. Less heat and less friction means a better, faster spin.
The cage however was only as good as the ball bearings resting in it, so we sourced the best quality ball we could find. What we ended up with was a truly unique, polished chrome ball adding another key ingredient to what would become the Quark™.
The final piece of the puzzle was the lubricant. So many bearings (even high end ones) utilize the same general purpose grease or oil at every price level. We wanted a truly unique lubricating substance that would compliment the high precision parts and build of the Quark. At the end of testing, we chose a proprietary synthetic blend lube, sourced specifically for the type of bearing we built. No break in process is needed, this lubricant whether hot or cold, will do its job and is in it for the long haul giving you the best mix of performance and durability.

When you put all these pieces together you end up with a truly unique bearing built for ROLLER HOCKEY, not vacuum cleaner belt wheels or machine arm sockets. With a bearing as unique as this, there needed to be a name to match; and the Quark was born!

You can find the Quark and our full Helo line up of bearings, tools, oils and more at and at authorized online dealers and as well as our growing list of retailers and pro shops
Check out the @konixxhockey Instagram for quotes from our test group who couldn't stop raving about the Quark. 
Helo, Konixx, and Quark are ™ of Hockey Wheels LLC, Inglewood, CA

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