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Give some blood, play some hockey, support a great cause!

Posted by Ken Schneider on

Over the past weekend Konixx was fortunate enough to have taken part for the first time in the Give Blood Play Hockey
event in Irvine, CA. Calling this a "charity event" would be short changing it for all that it was. It's really emotional and memorable experience, a great roller tournament, and an amazing tribute to multiple important causes. We met so many brave, strong, and truly inspirational individuals who shared their stories with us all. We also got to see a sport truly come together to support multiple causes, with volunteers that just kept going all weekend long, with a smile on their face and determination in their eyes. The Pro division at this event was a blast as well. So Cal's finest gathered together along with a handful of Pro players from all over the US (and Canada). These guys that made the trip out to Irvine didn't do so in order to win a cash pot, they wanted to support the event and the cause. For the Konixx Pure team, they were able to hoist the "Blood Cup" to finish the weekend but the important thing to remember at an event like this is some teams might go home with medals but the real winners are the the ones who benefit from all this tournament does. With all the money raised and blood donated, we all made that a reality. Can't wait to return next year!!
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